33 Weeks and 3 Days

In hindsight it would have been smart of me to start blogging when I first found out I was pregnant. However the first 3-4 months I spent most of it with my head in either a bucket or a toilet. Followed by other challenges, being put on restricted activities by my doctors and many other things, the blog might have turned out into a horror story in pregnancy instead of sharing the exciting experience with those who are interested.

To be honest I have spent most of the spring and summer in bed or curled up on the couch, and I am very excited that the end is near and that I will be able to enjoy some nice outside time before the snow comes and makes us all retreat inside.

Yesterday and today I have been battling strong Braxton Hicks Contractions. There were a few times yesterday that Brian wanted to take me to the hospital, however I know it isn’t time yet. I see my OB tomorrow and will get checked out then.

I think we are pretty much ready. There are finishing touches that need to be done in the nursery, more things that I of course would love to go buy but am trying to save money. My overnight bag is packed, and the diaper bag is ready to go. Brian says I am nesting quite a bit, however if you look at my main floor it seriously needs to be cleaned.

As for the rest of the day. I have already found my bed again. An afternoon nap is probably in order and then depending on how I feel a little bit more work on the nursery.


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