My $40 Find

As we are getting closer to the arrival of baby, things are starting to come together. It’s been a long road since finding out I was pregnant. The crib came to us in June, the nursery was painted in July, we’ve been slowing adding and completing the nursery and it is finally coming together. I will be posting a full photo tour once the entire room is done.

I started today at the hospital. My monthly visit to my Hematologist. It was a very rough start to the day. I ended up waiting almost 2 hours for a 5 minute visit with the doctor. I treated myself to lunch and then set out on my mission for the day. I was on a mission to find a corner shelf unit and a rocking chair for the nursery. The last two pieces of furniture to complete the room. They were not necessary (well the rocker is) but he shelf is not.

I have been looking for months for the perfect corner shelf and rocking chair. I have a picture in my head of what I wanted but I have not been able to find it. The rocker I set out to find is a glider with a footstool, comfort was the up most mission for those late night feedings. I went to Toys R Us, Homesense, Jysk, Bouclair Home, Sears and the Sears Outlet Store. There were no corner shelves that met my vision. As for rockers they ranged from 299.99 up to over 1,000 for a fancy one. If money wasn’t a concern in this life I would have dropped the cash in a second. However knowing that I have to be smart about my spending I was not quite ready to drop that money on a chair. I have been looking on Kijiji, e-bay and many different trading sites and have found rockers for about 70 dollars each, but none of them were quite right.

By this time of the day I have been going and I had not had my doctor ordered 1 hour rest in the afternoon. As I worked my way back from the opposite side of the city I decided to start to hit up the thrift stores since I was passing them anyways. The Goodwill had one rocker but when I sat down the side pretty much fell off. The 20 bucks they were asking for it was overpriced. As I was driving away I was feeling very defeated when I remembered a shop I have never been in. I went inside.

There were couches and chairs and all sorts of nice, high quality used items. I sat in one rocker and it just didn’t feel right. Right beside it was this blue, green chair that you would find in your standard Grandmother’s livingroom usually covered in plastic. I sat down in it and it was meant to be. It rocked silently and swiveled back and forth, it didn’t smell or look very dirty either. My body breathed a sigh of relief when I sat in it. This chair was the one I wanted, even though I wasn’t sure about the colour, and the price $40. I figured even if I had to buy a slip cover or have it maybe reupholster it was going home with me today. I got up and walked over to the dressers, thinking how fortunate would it be to find my corner shelf. Belive it or not – I turned around and there it was! I need to repaint it, just because the wood is too light and won’t match the crib or change table. However it was the exact corner shelf I had in my head, the price – a whopping $65.

My Mom came and picked up the furniture in her car because it would not fit in mine. I vacuumed up the chair and footstool and Brian carried it up to the nursery. I wanted to see the chair in context before I decided on a route of reupholster or slip covers. Much to my surprise. The chair goes perfectly in the room as is. It needs maybe a throw pillow on it, and that is it. I am very pleased with it and I can see myself spending many nights in that chair with the baby.

As for the shelf. . . you’ll have to stay tuned on how that turned out.


One thought on “My $40 Find

  1. You’re really lucky to get both chair and corner shelf you want in the same store.

    About the chair, it looks really nice. It’s incredible that you found it at $40. Totally amazing!

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