I use to be able to do that

You don’t realize how much a pregnancy takes a toll on your body until you go to do something you could easily do 5 months ago. I have a photography business, and since the summer have put my camera on the shelf just because I was so tired and needed to focus on baking this bun in the oven. Today however I pulled it off the shelf, dusted it off and headed out for a photo shoot with my sister Robin. She is taking Fashion Design and needed photos of herself for a journal assignment.

We headed out and I was feeling ok, just a little tired but very excited to get back to doing some photography. I was 5 pictures in when I was trying to lean over a rail of a fire escape to get a picture when I realized that there was this bump in the way. Then I tried to kneel down to shoot through the steps and it was easy to get down but getting up involved some moaning and groaning.

We moved to a different location and I needed to get up on a 2 foot stone wall for the picture. Well any other time I would have jumped up and jumped back down, easy. You don’t realize how off your center of balance is until you try to climb a 2 foot wall. Then I proceeded to lay down on the grass for some shots and it was great when I got down there, granted my camera felt much heavier than I remembered it to be. Getting up, well just picture a turtle on it’s back and you have a picture of me laying on the grass in the park.

Our next location involved playing in traffic. Standing in the middle of a street to take some pictures. Those pictures turned out well but in hindsight I probably shouldn’t have been playing in the street while pregnant.

We finally went to the last location and again I found my center of balance off, as well as I missed the opportunity to lay on my stomach to get some key shots. It’s so funny how something that I was able to do with gusto just a few short months ago totally exhausted me for the day. I haven’t started to edit the photos but that is on the agenda for tomorrow. At least that job only involves sitting at a desk, with a glass of water and some snacks.

I will admit, I can’t wait for this child to come out of me so I can lay on my stomach again, play in the street and climb a 2 foot brick wall with no issues. They sound like funny thing to look forward to, however it is the small things like that, which turn a good photo into a fantastic photo.


4 thoughts on “I use to be able to do that

  1. I completely understand!! I have two small ones of my own, and one of the very first things I wanted to do after they were born was sleep on my stomach!! It seems like forever before you can do these things again that you used to take for granted, but it will be back before you know it – enjoy being pregnant, it’s a wonderful thing!!

    • Holly, I am really excited to start taking pictures of this little one. I’ve had a rough pregnancy so the end can’t come soon enough. Love the photos on your site. I too am a Nikon user. I have a D70s with many bells and whistles. I’m trying to figure out how to upgrage to a better camera. As for now I’ll have to keep dreaming about it.

  2. The best of luck to you, I hope the rest goes smoothly! You will LOVE taking pictures of your new baby – My kids are my absolute favorite photo subjects!! 🙂

  3. Great post! I wish you could follow up on this topic???


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