So I can Sew

I am a self admittedly tom boy. I was not crafty until I picked up some paints and started to paint ceramics. I then moved into scrapbooking which I love and don’t spend enough time doing. Today I tackled the sewing machine. My mom can sew and my sister is taking Fashion Design. Yesterday she showed me how to use her sewing machine, after attempting to sew a liner into a diaper and well making a bit of a mess I decided to just pin everything together. This afternoon I decided to invade my sister’s bedroom and attempt to use her sewing machine yet again. I started slowly and concentrated on what I was doing and before I knew it I had a liner sewn onto fabric. I picked up another one and did the same thing. Before I knew it the pile of completed pieces was becoming larger than the non completed pieces. I was enjoying it as well and I must say my work wasn’t half bad! A few hours later I have 5 more to finish. I decided to stop for the day. My next lesson will be to sew elastic into the legs and on the back of what will eventually a diaper. Stay tuned to see if I win Round 3 of Shannon vs the Sewing Machine.


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