Where Does The Time Go?

Yesterday Brian and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary and it made me think. Where does the time go. I remember leading up to the wedding and telling people I can’t wait for things to calm down. 6 years later I am still waiting for things to calm down and I know they are not going to with a little one on the way. To be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I would rather be busy being surrounded by family and friends who love us dearly and who we return those feelings for then live a boring life. We are very lucky to be showered with love, receiving cards and e-mails to celebrate the day.

So to celebrate our anniversary we did something we did on our honeymoon. No people get your mind out of the gutter. We went to the Zoo. When we got married and were planning our honeymoon I made the revelation that in my life I have never been to the zoo. Seaworld yes, an actual zoo with Lions, Tigers and Bears. Never.

It was a bit of an impulsive trip because it all came down to how I was feeling that day. The zoo is a 2 1/2 hour drive from our house one way, plus a lot of walking once we got there. The night before I wasn’t sure we were going to be making the trip because I was feeling crappy. I woke up and was feeling pretty good so off we went.

I survived the trip, and the walking and I took several pictures I am very happy with. It was really nice spending the day with Brian just walking around. I think what we enjoyed most was people watching. We watched parents with their children, and it was very exciting knowing that would be us. We soon would be bringing out child to the zoo and teaching them all about bears and monkeys and those wrestling turtles on the bottom of the tank. . .  wait a minute, they aren’t wrestling.

As for today I think I am feeling the effects of the trip and I may have slightly overdone it. However Brian informs me that I spent most of the night moaning in my sleep. He says the reason was a very active baby, he says that he came and put his hand on my belly and every time the baby moved I moaned. I slept through this but apparently not a restful sleep. It’s nice to know Brian isn’t shy to come and spend time with the baby even if I am sleeping.

Here are a handful of pictures from the Zoo yesterday.

Copyright One of Those Memories

Copyright One of Those Memories

Copyright One of Those Memories

Copyright One of Those Memories

Copyright One of Those Memories

Copyright One of Those Memories


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