Losing My Religion

No this isn’t a blog about last weeks Glee episode, this post wasn’t inspired about it either. It’s been something that has been discussed between Brian and I for many months now. The question was posed over Thanksgiving by my Mom if we were going to have the baby baptized. (I am really glad she was the one who asked me because she will respect and defend our decision for us, and we don’t have to justify it to her.) The true answer is We don’t know. After months and months of discussion we have not been able to come to a clear decision, I even dreamt of it last night and this decision is causing more anxiety and questions then anything we have had to choose for our baby so far.

This post is not intended to offend anyone, or be preachy. I am just throwing what I am thinking out there into the world and maybe it will help someone else who is maybe having the same thoughts.

I was brought up Roman Catholic. Chuch played a very important role in my younger years, however as I grew older I began having issues with the church. We were married in the church but since the wedding I haven’t really been practicing. Brian has his own beliefs and it is for him to share with the world and not I.

I believe that there is a higher power and I believe in Heaven and Hell. I don’t believe that going to a church every Sunday and getting on my knees makes me a better person and will determine where I end up in the afterlife. I believe that will be judged by my everyday actions and sacrifices.

I feel that religion causes a lot of issues in the world today because most religions are tought to be passionate and kind to one another yet only if you believe the same thing I do. There is such intolerance for each others religions and then even intolerance within the religion of choice. God loves all his children, unless you are gay, having premarital sex or many of the other sins that we could be committing.

I also don’t agree with a lot of the things going on within the Catholic Church. I won’t get into details but I very often find it hypocritical, practicing what you preach. . . not really. There have been many events in the news over the past few years that really have put a sour taste in my mouth.

I have always been interested in other religions, I have friends and co-workers of many different faiths and I love discussing what they believe and understanding their faith. We all have the right to believe what we want, and do it in a matter of how we want to. This leaves me with the question of do I choose my child’s religion for them or do I wait until they are old enough to make their own choice. Do I expose them to all the religions or none at all?

Do I have the child baptized and just go to church for this and then continue in my ways of not practicing. By having the child baptised we have more choice in schools, and as the child gets older they can choose what they want to believe in. If I don’t have the child baptized I know there will be a lecture and guilt trip.

It comes down to what is best for the child and how much are Brian and I willing to sacrifice and if I go into a church every Sunday and pretend to be into it, isn’t that just as bad as not going as well as hypocritical of us?

I take rest in knowing that it is never to late to have your child baptized, yes the Church likes it done younger and technically we should be in the preparation stages and have registered shortly after conception but because this decision has no clear answer why rush into something that is so unclear.

There will be a clear decision at some point I am sure. I am positive whatever we decide to do will not make us better or worse parents. I know our child will be a loving, caring, compassionate person who will do the right thing when posed with the choice.

Who knew one of the hardest choices would be over religion.


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