Home Alone

I was looking for a witty quote from the movie but I couldn’t find one that was just right.

This week is the week that everyone is back to work and school and their lives after Adam’s grand entrance into the world. I am working on my new routine and role as a Mom. Usually this transition is hard on most people however I have been very lucky. I have not been alone all day at all this week. People have been visiting during the day and living next door to my parents and sister has also been a blessing. My sister comes over during the day for a little bit to cuddle Adam. My Mom comes over after work to cuddle him and my Dad who works out-of-town is home tonight and wants to take Adam off my hands for a little bit tonight as he suggested to go grocery shopping or find something to do. What could I do? What should I do? Who knows, I haven’t decided yet.

I am very spoiled and blessed, to be surrounded by so many people who love us and love Adam so much already. Everyday it seems someone is walking through the door with a gift. To be prepared I purchased 40 thank you cards back in the summer. I am out of cards now and I have at least 10 more to write if not more. It’s a nice problem to have and it makes you sit back and think about what one has done in their life and how many other people’s lives we’ve touched.

On that note I shall go cuddle my Adam some more and count my blessings.

This picture was taken by my Mom the other day.


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