Confessions of a Fridge

Best Before dates are a topic of much discussion. There are people who swear that the day after this date the food is bad and must be disposed of. Then there are those people who are like me and live by the rule it says Best Before means just that. It’s best before that date but if you eat it the day after it’s not going to kill you. I even live by the rule if it looks like what the label says and it smells ok then it generally is ok. I’ve not been ill or have died from eating by these rules so they must be ok.

My fridge needed to be cleaned out, I had a messy spill from thawing berries so I figured if I was going to clean one shelf I might as well see what is at the back of the fridge and clean the entire thing out. I usually figured my fridge was very clean however I found some interesting things as I was cleaning and actually looking at the expiry dates of things like salad dressing and bbq sauce. Well low and behold it was like looking into an antique museum. There were jars with dates from 2004, 2006, 2007 and then of course your standard 2009 jars. It was fascinating to actually look at the jars. There was a jar of sweet and sour sauce that looked like oil and play-doh. There were jars I couldn’t even open because they have been in there so long. There were jars that I thought were old that I had just purchased and not even opened yet.

On the upside there was nothing fuzzy or had turned into liquid and by the time I was done my fridge looked like it was brand new and was staged for a photo shoot. To be honest I was disappointed on not finding anything fuzzy, as gross as it sounds it is always fascinating for me. Then the thought of a parent came into my head. I have to start being careful about things like that because one day Adam will go into the fridge and eat whatever he pleases while I am distracted.

I’d hate for him to get sick because I didn’t clean the fridge.


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