East vs West

In the city I live in there is a misconception about the East End of the city. I really don’t care where you live in the city, and I have friends and family who live in every part of the city, however it is very apparent how the city is segregated. I’m not an expert and I’m not writing this to offend anyone but this is how I see the city and it may not be 100% accurate.

The East end is where many of the working class citizens of the city live, those living pay cheque to pay cheque, driving modest cars. Your dollar goes a little further when buying a house in this end of the city. There are some bad pockets “EOA” but if you keep going past this area to the “far east” you’ll find subdivisions with people trying to raise a family. This is where I choose to live and I love where I live.

The South end is where we find a huge diversity of multiculturalism. This seems to be where many of the immigrants of the city land when they come here to start new lives. This area is also full of working class citizens.

The North and West end is where the money of the city is. This is where the University is located and is surround by large expensive homes. You’ll find many doctors, business people, teachers etc in these two sections. This is where you see the high-end cars. This is where the people in the East end go to do their shopping, watch movies etc. These two areas are also where people seem to retire and move to.

I’ve worked in both the North and the South end of the city and the differences between the two are staggering. However those observations are for another day.

Brian and I live on pretty much the furthest east part of the city and his parents live on pretty much the furthest west part of the city. Today was our first major snowstorm of the year and even though we are in the same city the weather couldn’t have been more different on both ends. When we left our house it was sunny and nice. We got about 1/4 into the drive and it started to get snowy but it was fine. By the time we got a little further it started to get messy. We were down to a crawl but still moving. Halfway there all hell broke loose and we couldn’t see the front end of the car. Since we were already halfway there we decided to keep going. It was one of the worse drives I have ever had to make in my life. My car got stuck twice and we watched many people working away on trying to get their cars moving. When we arrived at Brian’s parents the snow was already up to the car door. When I got out of the car it was at least a foot of snow. We got inside and started to look at the window with the serious conversation of the possibility of being snowed in. I sent a message to my sister to see what it was doing in our end of the city. It was receiving a dusting of snow. We continued to watch the blizzard outside and started to send photos back and forth with my Mom. Very little was happening in the East end and the West end was getting blasted. 

This is in no way scientific however here is a picture taken out the back door at Brian’s parent’s house at about 3:00pm today.

And the snow kept falling the entire time we were there. We had dinner and decided to venture out since their driveway was plowed so maybe the city streets had started to get plowed. We headed out, and as we went East the roads kept getting better and the snow piles smaller. It wasn’t a perfect walk in the park but we made it home to discover far less snow around our house.

I took this picture at 6:30pm looking out my back door to compare our snowfall to that in the West.

This made me think of many of the reasons why I love living in the East end. One of them is we never seem to get the weather that the West end gets. When Brian and I were dating we would sit and talk on the phone discussing the weather and even though we were in the same city the weather was as different as if we were in different countries. We also seem to get our streets plowed first maybe that is because of our vicinity to the airport or because we have more bus routes running through this end of town? Or maybe it’s because all of the strip clubs are in this end of the city along with the rub and tugs. I don’t care why but as long as old man winter keeps dumping on the West end (sorry to my friends and family who live that way) I think we will get along.


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