Snowmageddon – Day 2

When I woke up this morning I took Adam to the window and this was his expression:

I’m sure that is the permanent expression on everyone’s face the past few days. To say we got a little snow since Sunday is an understatement. We have gotten more snow since Sunday then we got all of last year during the winter months. Ok, I realize we live in Canada, and snow is a part of life however it’s been over 30 years since we have seen this much snow is such a little time. In my life time I can only think of one other time that this has happened, however it wasn’t this bad. The buses were still able to run and companies weren’t shut down. The mayor is actually considering calling a state of emergency as we speak. Instead of getting better things are getting worse. All my loved ones are home today because their offices are closed or classes canceled. Hell it’s so bad it has started to snow on my blog! So today we are making the best of this, I went out this morning and snapped some pictures of the snow.  Out back behind my house the snow was up to my waist which is roughly 30 inches. The drifts were higher in some areas but I didn’t dare wander into them with my camera.

Yes that little yellow thing poking out of the snow is a fire hydrant. The one photo is taken from Adam’s Nursery and then a photo of the house from the back to give you an idea of how much the snow is drifting from both directions. I know the misconception is that as Canadian’s we live in igloos but this is the first time in my life I actually feel like I do! I got inside and took some pictures of Adam with the snow.

He’s not quite sure about it, granted he’s a little young to think much of anything and years from now we will be telling him about the snow storm of 2010. So the question is what to do with the rest of the day? Since Auntie Robin hasn’t had time to cuddle with Adam or just hang out because of school I invited her to come over and help me put up the Christmas Tree. She braved the weather, and worked her way over to my house. I was going to send a search party to find her.

Ok, so she lives next door and only had to shovel her way from her door to mine, but it still took her about 10 minutes to do it. She’s spent the morning cuddling Adam so I could play with my pictures and do some things. We’ve been watching TV and just relaxing. We’re going to have lunch and then tackle the tree – which is a blog for another day but one to look forward to.

I hope everyone is safe and bunkering down. Curling up with their loved ones. It’s not often that we get this surprise time out from regular life to take a breather. Money and jobs aren’t important in this life. It’s those around us, family and friends.

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