From Snow to Sun

It was too wet to go out and too cold to play ball, so we sat in the house and did nothing at all.

Yesterday was a productive day in the world of Snowmagddon. Auntie Robin and Gramma came over for a visit. The christmas tree went up and we watched Scrooged and Elf. It was a wonderful day spent with family and early afternoon the call was made to keep the schools closed, the buses weren’t going to run and they mayor urged employers to give their employees the day off so that road crews can get on top of the clean up. Even the hospitals in the city cancelled all out patient clinics and some surgeries.

It’s amazing what a few hours can do to change the world. People are digging out and some people like my husband had to return to work today. Others are lucky enough to have the day off with the knowledge that the snow days are over as of tomorrow. For example here is a photo out my front door yesterday and one from this morning.

The sun is out and the skies are blue. It is actually a beautiful day out there now. It seems silly it’s a snow day because it looks so nice out, however it is giving the city crews a chance to clean up.

It is also giving those with the day off to do christmas shopping. I have worked many days like today in retail when the world seems to have shut down but you still have to work because the situation is too bad to go to work, however it is good enough to go shopping. So as my committment to my fellow retail friends I am refusing to leave the house today. I am spending the day inside with Auntie Amy and Adam. I will not go to a mall or a store. I will not spend my money today. I’ll wait until everyone else is back to work trying to catch up from their “snow” day today and then I will finish my shopping.

The one downfall to this is I was supposed to have my final doctor’s appointment with the hemotologist to stop my blood thinning medication. I called yesterday to cancel my appointment because there is no way I am going to try to dig out my car, bundle up a 6 week old baby and try to get to the hospital. They said they would call me today to discuss my situation over the phone. I am really hoping they say I can stop my injections. If not I have to continue them until I can get another appointment to see the doctor. Here’s hoping for the call to stop taking them. I am so done with needles.

Yesterday  my sister said very wise and I will leave you with it.

“This snowstorm is mother nature telling us to slow down”

I have done that, I hope you are able to do the same.


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