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Old Man Winter must have the worst case of hemroids in history. That is the only logical answer to why this crotchety bastard is slamming us with Snowmeggedon 2010. Hell winter technically doesn’t start until December 21. You know the saying “When Hell Freezes Over?” Hell has frozen over and is buried in 6 feet of snow.

Alright I know I am Canadian and I live in Canada however even for us Canucks enough is enough Old Man Winter. In my entire time on this earth I have never EVER seen or heard of anything like this. Last week there were 3 snow days in a row. The buses stopped running, the malls closed, the hospital even cancelled appointments. It really did seem like Armageddon was here.

This week we haven’t been hit too bad but go 10 minutes out of the city and there has been a State of Emergency declared. There are over 300 cars stranded on the major highway going from the city to the border of Michigan. It’s taking people 6+ hours to make 90 minute drives. There are cars in the ditch, trucks jack-knifed and what just seems to be chaos in the world around us.

I am constantly hearing of all the idiots on the roads. Cars and trucks alike. People who think they are invincible, who don’t slow down and don’t care about others safety. It is for this reason and the amount of accidents that have happened in the past week I have decided to lock myself and Adam in the house. We are not leaving until people get their heads on straight. Someone is going to be giving a great Christmas Gift of a casket if people don’t smarten up. I will leave the safety of my house in January when everyone is dragging their asses not wanting to return to work after the holidays. You want to see people slow down – watch people in January.

I spend my days thinking of those loved ones who are on the roads. Family and Friends commuting to work. The many truck drivers in my life, one of those being my father and I hope and trust that they all have level heads when driving. If find out any of my family members are one of those idiots – we will be having words. They may not be pleasent but for the better.

The days leading up to the holidays bring out the worst in people. Christmas has become too commercialized, we need to remember what the Grinch said.

Perhaps Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Christmas perhaps means a little bit more.

Lets keep our eye on the ball people. Lets slow down and re-evaluate our priorities this holiday season. I’ve said this even before I was a parent but things have become even more clear. I want my child to realize that Christmas isn’t all about the gifts. It’s about spending time with family and friends. Maybe once we master getting Christmas right on Christmas we can work on taking that feeling of Christmas into the rest of the year. If we as humans keep up the speed we are going at we are going to self destruct. It’s only a matter of time.

On a side note I’m taking donations to buy a case of Preparation H to send to that crotchety bastard Old Man Winter.


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