Sleeping In

What is this concept you speak of? You mean people actually stay in bed after 6am?

I shot myself in the foot with this one. The year leading up to Adam I worked a 6am – 2:30pm shift at work. I was up everyday between 4:30-5am. This was wonderful before the pregnancy because I was done work early in the afternoon, however looking back this was a bad thing during the pregnancy. Adam is still programmed to my work schedule.

When I started feeling movements it was a clear schedule that shortly after I was up he was up doing whatever babies do while they are still in the tummy. Then shortly after I was at work he would calm down for most of the morning. When I went on maternity leave I tried to reprogram my body but I was still up early every day, usually before 7am.

There have been mornings that Adam stays in bed and sleeps until 7, which is nice. There has been a handful of mornings where he goes back into the crib after a 7am feeding and then will stay there until 9am. Those are terrific mornings. Most are mornings like this.

Adam got up for a 5am feeding, Brian was kind enough to get out of bed and feed him so I could stay in bed. I was trying to but Adam was very much awake. He wanted to look and talk and play. I got out of bed to cuddle Adam hoping he would go back to sleep and to let Daddy go back to bed. 45 minutes later it was apparent that Adam was done sleeping. So I got him dressed and then I got myself dressed. We wandered downstairs and I turned on the TV, pulled out the laptop to write this and within 15 minutes Adam was sound asleep and still is on my chest.

That leaves me the question what to do now? I could read, scrapbook, watch TV. I could go wrap Christmas gifts or I could go out and do some shopping . I could try to put him back to bed, change back into my jammies and try to sleep again, but that sounds like too much work.

I’ve come to the conclusion and acceptance that I will probably never sleep in again. I take comfort in knowing though that before half the world drags their butts out of bed I will have been more productive and completed my to-do list. Leaving me the rest of the day to relax and watch the world as everyone else who has enjoyed sleeping in is running around trying to get their to-do list done.

Yes I’m sure sleeping in is wonderful but it really is true – the early bird catches the worm.

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