Christmas 2010 Revue

The Christmas whirlwind has come and gone, homes are disaster areas which could be declared states of emergency. The pants are fitting a little tighter these days and bank accounts are drier than the Sahara Desert.

Our Christmas was wonderful and different. When I found out I was pregnant and I was actually going to have Christmas off this year (the first one in 6 years) I was quite excited, to be home and be able to focus on family and not have to rush through all the festivities. The week leading up to Christmas was crazy. Baking with my Dad, putting last-minute touches on things like wrapping and making sure we had everything we needed. Christmas Eve Adam and I had a photo shoot to document his first Christmas with us. It was a morning filled with laughter and carefully placed bows on a naked baby. It was a session I called “Death By Cuteness” and when we handed out pictures to everyone it was a hit. This was then followed by a visit to Brian’s office to drop off cookies and wish everyone a wonderful break. We then came home and stopped to catch our breath before the traditional Christmas Eve get together at my parents house. It was wonderful to see everyone holding and loving Adam. We also opened Adam’s first Christmas gifts. I asked everyone to restrain themselves this year on gifts for Adam because he is a little clueless at this age and doesn’t need a million toys. Next year however I said it’s game on and I won’t put any restrictions on Christmas.

Christmas Day started at 5am for us, and by 6:30am we were opening gifts at my parents house. From there we went to Brian’s parents house for brunch and opening gift there as well. We then visited one of my Best Friend’s family for a quick Christmas cuddle with Adam and then headed home to drop off all of our loot. We had about a few hours at home and then off to Christmas dinner at my Aunt’s house. By the time we got home it was about 8:30pm we were stuffed and exhausted. Adam was wonderful all day. He was very awake and alert. He was also fussy but so was Mom and Dad by the end of the day so it’s allowed.

Boxing Day I spent the day making potatoes for dinner but there was something missing from my Boxing Day. It was work and I actually missed it this year. I guess you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. As much as Christmas in retail sucks, customers are rude, impatient and think that the world revolves around them, the people you work with are like a family who group together to survive the Christmas War. I found myself up at 2am for a feeding and was thinking about what was going on in the store, and that yes every year you are exhausted and stressed at the end of it you sit back, smile and laugh about it. Many of my co-workers looked at me strange when I said I missed it, but there is something hard about breaking your routine and doing something different. I did have the opportunity to go back and work on Boxing Day but I turned it down. I am glad I did because I think I have learned a valuable lesson this Christmas about appreciating what you have while you still have it and how much of  bond I have made with so many people at work. I missed you guys over Christmas!

I refused to go shopping on Boxing Day, I wasn’t even going to go into a store the week after Christmas however Santa was a wonderful generous fellow this year and left Brian and I a lot of money. We decided to do something we have been talking about for years. Purchasing a LCD TV. We went very early yesterday to pick up our new TV and rushed home to set it up. We were so excited to see the improvement in the quality of picture from our 5-year-old HD Tube TV. Yes they made those. I cleaned and rearranged the furniture in the livingroom to accommodate the TV and set it up. Cable was ok but we were excited to see what the gaming systems and blu ray looked like on it. We turned on the PS3 and it wouldn’t read the disc, we put a game in and it wouldn’t read that. The optics inside were pooched. So there I found myself returning to the store and standing in the returns and exchanges line to send it away for repair. It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

We spent last night trying out all sorts of games on the 360 and putting different movies in to see the difference. It’s amazing how a TV can change the entire experience. It’s like I am watching and playing movies and games for the first time all over again. As I’m typing this I’m watching the Wizard of OZ and it’s like I’ve never seen it before. Just amazing how defined, crisp and smooth the picture is. I doubt I am going to get much done in the upcoming weeks because of this TV and I am sure it will be worse when the PS3 returns repaired and I get to play with blu ray on the TV.

Well that was Christmas 2010 in a nut shell and in the end it was just as busy as if I was working and it was just as exhausting . It wasn’t about the gifts or the new TV (but that was a nice perk) it was about being surrounded by loved ones, sharing stories and laughs.

I hope everyone was able to take time out from life this Christmas to enjoy the company of family and friends and to truly appreciate the true meaning and magic of Christmas.



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