Queen of Procrastination

Ok so it’s only 10am, technically still early in the day however I am the Queen of Procrastination today. When Adam got me up at 6am this morning I thought that was great, I could get my main floor clean and prepped for the New Years party, I could get some laundry done and maybe start some baking for the party.

I came downstairs and fed Adam, turned on the TV and started to work on my blog a bit. There are some things that I am planning to do next year and I wanted to get it ready for the launch. By the time I was done that it was time for another feeding of Adam.

Adam fell asleep and I was excited to get some things done but I was distracted yet again. As mentioned before we purchased a new TV, we have discovered that it has a digital tuner in it that is picking up digital channels without a digital box. Very cool, but I’ve been spending my days channel surfing trying to catch some movies from the beginning. I have seen parts of Inception, The Town, A-Team and other movies I haven’t been able to figure out. The cable company scrambles the channels randomly so the ones that are scrambled today may not be tomorrow. Well long story short I was trying to find something to have on in the background while I was cleaning and of course I found a movie from the beginning. So cleaning was put on hold while I sit here and watch It’s Complicated. It’s a fantastic movie, I am glad I am the Queen of Procrastination today. Getting little done has never felt so good.


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