Play Date

Today Adam and I had our first play date. I guess it was more for the Mommies then the babies. It was really nice to get together with another Mom who had a baby the same age as Adam. It was interesting to see the behaviours of the two boys side by side. Having them laying on the floor looking at each other it was more like a UFC match or two fish out of water. The arms and legs were flailing, a few good connections were made until we decided to put some space between them. I wonder what was going through their minds looking at each other, it wasn’t quite their reflection but it was another small person. Interesting I would think. It was a lot of fun and I look forward to doing it again.

Later in the afternoon I went mall walking since the sidewalks are a still a mess here and the weather is a little miserable. I didn’t walk as much as I wanted to because it feels like my body is falling apart. One of the side effects of an epidural is back pain, it doesn’t always present itself immediately after the procedure but when if it does present itself – holy cow. On top of that a condition called Plantar Fasciitis has developed in my left heel. So by the end of the day I am walking around hunched over on the tippie toes of my left foot. I don’t know how to correct my back but my Mom who also has had this condition has recommended to wear a pair of Crocs around the house and that will help with the feet. I did look at them at the mall today but I couldn’t bring myself to paying $40 for a pair of foam shoes.  

We have a busy week planned with more visits. I think Adam is very tired because he’s passed out on Daddy’s chest. I’ll take this quiet time to prepare some blogs for days where my brain isn’t working. Stay tuned for December by the Numbers and reviews of movies that I have been watching. I guess you could consider this time Mommy’s play time, I’ll make the best of it before I have a visit with my other great friend – sleep.


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