Balanced Restored?

Earlier this week I posted how I was exhausted. I mentioned how I was such a social butterfly and had been so busy and I tried to cut down my visits for the week. That post was written on Wednesday after an afternoon of unsuccessful scrapbooking. It’s amazing what few days can do for the mind, body and soul.

Thursday I did have a busy day with visits to 2 family members. Thursday ended up being a very exciting day all around. While I was at our first visit I received a phone call from my sister who was in New York City on a class trip. I had advised her that Jimmy Fallon was hosting the 4th hour of the Today show and she might want to get her butt down there to see him. Well she called me to tell me that Jimmy Fallon had waved at her and she was on TV. Later that day when I got home I settled in for a nice quiet afternoon and was able to actually get some scrapbooking done. Adam was content sitting and sleeping in his high chair beside my desk. I was actually relaxed and not completely exhausted when I crawled into bed. It was quite the change, I was able to keep my eyes open past 8:30pm!

Friday was a quiet day at home as well. I spent all morning working on a video for a local radio contest, they are giving away a car and mine is ok, but I could use a newer one. Adam was again more than happy in his chair. The afternoon after some mid-day snuggles I attempted to scrapbook again – this time with more success! My Dad cooked dinner for us like he does pretty much every night when he is home. It takes a lot of pressure off of us. I went to bed early with a horrible toothache. I sent Brian out to get some Orajel it was that bad. It didn’t seem like anything was helping it.

I managed to go to sleep but I was awoken at 1am this morning with horrible pain. I called a few doctors offices that accepted emergency patients at 3am because the pain was unbearable. I tried to sleep on the couch, Brian’s snoring was rattling my entire head. Adam woke up at almost 7am and wanted to be cuddled. I really didn’t sleep much after 1am, I found some remedies that took the edge off at least of the pain. Robin arrived home this morning as well, and she wasn’t home long before she messaged me and told me to come over to collect all my swag. To say the least she went a little crazy shopping in NYC. Most of it was for Adam. He now has Calvin Klein Jeans, Winnie the Pooh books and teddy bears. Socks from Miss Mismatched store (they do have boys stuff) and a onesie from the TV show The Office. On the front is says “That’s What She Said” and on the butt it has the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company logo on it. She also got me socks from the Miss Mismatched store and she bought my birthday gift there. She really really wanted to give it to me early (my b-day is a few weeks away) so I said ok. It was a Coach clutch! I’ve been looking at them and wanting one, not even a week ago I was in the Coach store in town talking to the associate about them. She had no idea I wanted one but she picked it up because she thought I would like it. Do I have an awesome sister or what? One of my other favourite things she picked me up was a Buy More lanyard from the TV show Chuck.

All of this happened before 9am so when I wandered back home Brian was getting out of bed. He knew I hadn’t slept much so he took Adam so I could crawl back into bed. I intended to sleep, I swear but I picked up my book and ended up reading for an hour and finished it off. You can read my review of the book here. I rolled out of bed for the second time today and wondered downstairs. Brian, Adam and I made funny faces at each other and spent some time laughing. To give Dad a break I took Adam to the basement yet again to try my luck at scrapbooking. I talked, Adam cooed, he eventually fell asleep and I had another few hours to scrapbook.

We found ourselves at my parents for dinner again and everyone was starting to get tired so we all headed to our respective beds. I told Brian I was going to crawl into bed to watch my Packers game, maybe read but knowing my track record fall asleep before the end of the first quarter. As I type this I have some time to myself. Brian decided he was going to take Adam to give me a bit of a break to watch the game and maybe get some sleep. How sweet is that? So I sit here with my eyes getting a little heavy, sprawled out in my bed and thinking of how relaxed I feel.

I’ve noticed over the past few days that Adam had been so much happier. We laughed a lot more, keeping him entertained seemed easier. The last part of the week felt good. I was able to do a little of what I loved and still keep Adam entertained and happy when he was awake. Brian is sacrificing playing World of Warcraft right now to give me a little bit of a breather. Once I am done this I am going to write-up my to-do list for next week. Over the past few days in order to unwind I let the cleaning go. If it means my house is a little messy to keep my sanity then I am ok with that. I’m going to read and I am going to watch the football game with the hopes of seeing the end.

Next week my calendar is almost empty and to be honest I am going to try to keep it that way. I feel if I can keep this up things will be balanced, my sanity will be easier to keep and the concept of “me” time won’t be so foreign.

You may be wondering about my toothache. It is feeling better without seeing a dentist. I have come to the conclusion the pain is from 12 weeks of being head butted by Adam. I have a nice little bruise on my cheek and every time he hits me it sends a piercing pain into my ear and behind my eye. I was able to go the entire day without a headbutt and things are much better. I’m going to give it another few days and see how I am feeling. 

I think balance really has been restored!


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