Cinderella’s To-Do List

It’s Monday morning and its time to start the week. I like many people write out a to-do list. I find that I accomplish more if I have it written down. Over the holidays I didn’t really write one up because things were so crazy but there are things that I need to get caught up on and then stay on top of. I also like to reward myself at the end of the list to give me a little bit of motivation. I decided I will share my to-do list with you this week. I am sure it is very similar to what many Mom’s have on their lists and the fascinating part is that we can get it all done and still manage to find a moment to breathe. I’ll leave you with the list and at the end of the week I’ll update you with what was accomplished and what wasn’t.


  1. Put away laundry
  2. Clean bedroom
  3. Steam clean carpet in the master bedroom
  4. Clean the bathroom
  5. Hang pictures up in the nursery
  6. Anchor firebox (for those thinking I’m hiding valuables in it – it’s just to hold our wills. If you want to see it that bad let me know and I’ll e-mail it to you and save you a break and enter charge.)
  7. Move picture hanging in the hall
  8. Purge my clothes
  9. Vacuum stairs leading upstairs
  10. Clean Kitchen
  11. Clean Livingroom
  12. Organize cleaning closet (My cleaning closet is a mess – I think that might be a good blog later in the week)
  13. Clean main floor bathroom
  14. Clean my office
  15. Vacuum the laundry room carpet
  16. Vacuum the stairs going down
  17. Work on the stained glass piece

Well there it is – the list for the week. We’ll see how it goes! I am feeling optimistic and maybe just maybe at the end of the week I’ll get to go to the ball.


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