If the Packers Lose on Sunday It’s all Adam’s Fault

It’s 9am and it’s already been an interesting day.

It started with a 4:30am feeding, which is normal. After the feeding I usually cuddle Adam a bit and try to put him back into his crib. It ends up being a battle of the wills and he always wins. Today he went back to sleep almost right away and let me get another few hours. It was a treat.

At 7am he started making noise so I decided to bring him into bed with me so I could relax some more. I had him sitting on my belly when he exploded. Babies don’t poop or fill their diapers, they explode. I started laughing so hard because you can feel the warmth through the diaper and its kinda gross. Adam was looking at me like I was crazy until I realized with that warm feeling there was a wet feeling – that is not normal. I went into panic mode and rushed to the nursery. I stripped him down to find not a single ounce of poo ended up in the diaper! How the heck does a baby do that? The diaper was on him, it was on him correctly but as Brian explained the force of the explosion caused the diaper to buckle under the strain causing poo to go everywhere else.

I secretly think he’s a Bears fan. I just happened to be wearing my Packers shirt (which I never wear to bed but last night for some reason I did). He was giggling and laughing thinking this was the funniest thing on earth. I think that was his way of saying that the Packers are crappy, because this morning if you looked at my shirt they defiantly were. If they lose on Sunday it’s all Adam’s fault for crapping on my shirt. Unfortunately he’s too young to realize what he did and he now has the happiness of thousands of fans resting on his shoulders. Is that unfair of me to put that pressure on a 3 month old? No, I don’t think so. I guess Sunday we will find out who he truly cheers for. As long as he doesn’t poo on my TV we’re ok.

As these thoughts were going though my mind I was looking at a baby covered in crap. It was too much for a baby wipe, so to the bath it was. Since I also needed to shower or bath I thought we would do it together. Kill two birds with one stone. So I started to run the water and then ripping apart the bathroom to find the drain stopper. I had a naked baby in my arms praying he wasn’t going to explode again. After looking and looking Brian brought me the baby tub and I gave Adam a bath that way. I was still stinking and covered in poo so I dressed him, put him in his crib and hoped he would let me shower. I had a 3 1/2 minute shower, and was able to get dressed without him crying.

Since he blew the entire contents of his stomach into his diaper he was hungry again, I fed him and cuddled him a bit more. Then finally it was time for me to have breakfast. I put Adam in his high chair, sat down with a bowl of cereal, put one spoonful in and started chewing and guess what Adam did. Exploded again! So the decision came down to finishing my cereal and let him sit in a dirty diaper or put my breakfast on hold to deal with another poopy diaper. Well Mr Poopy pants fell asleep so he’s ok to sit in it for a while longer. To be honest I’m scared to move him because I don’t know what is waiting for me under him. By the smile that came over his face it wouldn’t shock me if another bath was in order.

All of that before 9am! Eesh. Which leaves me with Cinderella’s To Do List. I started the list on Monday. This is how it looks today:

  1. Put away laundry
  2. Clean bedroom
  3. Steam clean carpet in the master bedroom
  4. Clean the bathroom
  5. Hang pictures up in the nursery
  6. Anchor firebox (for those thinking I’m hiding valuables in it – it’s just to hold our wills. If you want to see it that bad let me know and I’ll e-mail it to you and save you a break and enter charge.)
  7. Move picture hanging in the hall
  8. Purge my clothes
  9. Vacuum stairs leading upstairs
  10. Clean Kitchen
  11. Clean Livingroom
  12. Organize cleaning closet (My cleaning closet is a mess – I think that might be a good blog later in the week)
  13. Clean main floor bathroom
  14. Clean my office
  15. Vacuum the laundry room carpet
  16. Vacuum the stairs going down
  17. Work on the stained glass piece

I got 11/17 things done on my list this week. So I’ve decided that today will be a relax day. I am hoping to scrapbook later today but I will also settle for cuddling with Adam and watching movies. This week I even got to watch 2 movies beginning to end! I have been writing reviews and saving them so when I am busy I can post it incase I can’t actually blog. I should pick a day of the week to have movie review day.

I wonder what the rest of the day has in store for us… I really hope no more poopy diapers!


2 thoughts on “If the Packers Lose on Sunday It’s all Adam’s Fault

  1. You know whats worse then a poopy diaper? It’s going to visit your wife at work with the baby and he poops through his diaper and you forget the wipes! Yeah I’ll be blogging about that story early next week!

    My wife always complains that William does the 3 P’s on her (Poo, Pee, Puke). I don’t know why he doesn’t do it on me but I’m very thankful for that.

    • Man, that would suck. It’s at that point you become the creative parent. I did get peed on yesterday too but I guess in all the panic over jinxing the Packers I forgot to post that detal.

      Can’t wait to read about your adventure when you get a chance to post it. I hope your healing well too.

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