Winning Lottery Ticket – Part 2

Last night I had to make a run to the pharmacy for my wonderful “flu” ridden husband. (He claims it’s the flu, I say it’s a combination of Quizno’s Subs and Beer) Anyways, regardless of the reason I ended up at the pharmacy and decided knowing it was going to be a long night ahead of me pick up a lottery ticket. It was too late to get into the 21 Million dollar draw for last night so I decided to get a scratch ticket. I find that sometimes they are more fun to play because you can draw out the suspense over at least 5 minutes or longer depending on how you play the ticket.

This morning I sat down at the kitchen table with the sun starting to brighten the world with my breakfast, ticket and penny. Adam was sitting beside me in his high chair trying to use the “force” on the line of stuffed animals that are on his food tray. I asked him if this was a winning ticket. His head bobbed forward, now that might have been because he is still learning to control his head or the fact that he has the hiccups but I took that as a good sign.

I started to scratch very slowly, matching of course 2 of the 3 needed “big” prize symbols. I continued to scratch and to my excitement I WON!

Are you excited at this moment too? How much did I win you ask?

Well sorry to get you excited for nothing I didn’t win the big prize. I didn’t even win a medium size prize. I won $4 – the cost of the ticket. So I am even now – with the decision do I cash in the ticket for my $4 back or do I go and get another ticket and see if I can win bigger? I’ll make that decision when I go to the store later today.


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