A Taste of Spring

Mother Nature and Old Man Winter have a sick sense of humor.

A SICK sense of humor.

After one of the most brutal winters on the books, one that broke cold records, snowfall records and shut down cities repeatedly there was a glimmer of hope that spring was on its way. This week we found ourselves breaking records with record high temperatures. 11 and 12 degrees celsius. The great thaw was underway, grass started to show up and the mountains of snow started to shrink to hills.

I took the opportunity to go for a long over due walk. I was expecting the sidewalks to be in much better shape then they were in. There were sidewalks that were perfect and then sidewalks that were a sheet of ice. Poor Adam was bouncing around like crazy, but it didn’t stop us. We have the SUV of strollers and not even trucking though the mud slowed us down. By the end of  we walked 2.37km. I had 2 very wet feet and what felt like a blister. I got home, took off my shoes and saw quite a bit of blood. I guess I didn’t need those 2 layers of skin anyways. I was so happy to get out of the house because it has been a very long winter and since I have pretty much been in the house looking out I couldn’t wait for the nice weather to come.

When I got home I decided to look at the weather for the next week hoping that we’d be able to walk more. To my dismay Old Man Winter isn’t done with us and at last reports they are calling for another 10-15cm of snow.

Mother Nature and Old Man Winter need to seek psychiatric help.


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