Movie Review: Wall Street – Money Never Sleeps

To take down a merciless finance executive, a young trader agrees to a disgraced Wall street legend’s proposal in exchange for the man to be reunited with his daughter, the trader’s fiancée.

Synopsis taken from IMDB

Many people were not fans of this movie. It is a sequel that appeared 20+ years after the original. I didn’t go into watching this movie thinking of it as a sequel, I think it was that mentality that allowed me to accept the movie for what it was. It was fantastic. I really enjoyed it. I think the original story was continued nicely and was creatively intertwined with a new story. There were some continuity issues that I noticed as I never remembered Gordon Gekko having a daughter in the first movie, only a son. Also having a co-conspirator who was never mentioned however the way they left Wall Street open there was a lot that was possibly not shown or spoken of in the previous movie. Overlooking things like this I still think it was a very well done movie and I would recommend watching it. I don’t know why so many people had issues with it. Michael Douglas was excellent in it and a cameo by Charlie Sheen made the movie.

Date Watched: January 3rd


One thought on “Movie Review: Wall Street – Money Never Sleeps

  1. Thanks for posting this 🙂

    I’ve never seen the original and it sounds like that might have been a good thing! The Charlie Sheen cameo was funny since he was playing himself, basically. I didn’t even know he was in the original until I looked it up afterward! It was a pretty good movie.

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