Movie Monday – Oscar Wrap-Up

Well it’s the Monday after the Oscars. I’m sure on the west coast the parties are still going and the champagne is still flowing. For those of us we’re reaching for a cup of coffee and for some us it’s not our first.

To be honest I never watch award shows, but this year I was compelled to watch. Maybe it was the draw of Anne Hathaway and James Franco hosting, or the wide selection of awesome movies that were released last year. Whatever it was I was determined to keep my eyes open for the whole thing.

I was optimistic when the awards began, an excellent montage poking fun at the Best Picture nominees but then we quickly returned to “traditional” boring, poorly written script. James Franco looked stoned and bored with what he was doing. He’s an actor – couldn’t he at least TRY to make it look like he was enjoying himself? Then Anne Hathaway I was feeling bad for, she was trying so hard – maybe too hard. Maybe she was trying to compensate but I think if the writing was better she would have been better.

As for the awards themselves it was as predictable as the sun coming up. There was no real big surprises, there were no upsets. Melissa Leo dropped the F bomb which made her speech go from sweet to ok enough already – get off the stage. I was happy to see Colin Firth win and he was very sweet, same with Christian Bale. They both deserve the recognition.

There was a funny musical mash-up turning the Best Picture nominees into musicals which I thought was creative. Jude Law poking fun of Robert Downey Jr’s legal troubles was quite funny and kudos to Downey for playing along. If you can’t laugh at yourself you won’t be able to laugh at others.

Looking back at past Oscars and Oscar winners made the show feel like the geriatric hour, maybe they had promotional consideration from Depends. Tributes to Gone With The Wind, and Bob Hope made me was to turn it off. If I wanted Oscar history I would go to the Internet, Google or YouTube – maybe those members of the Academy have heard of these things.

Here is my proposition for next year. Let’s have people nominate who they want to host. Then they could have American Idol type auditions, Simon Cowell can tell them how funny they are or aren’t. Follow this up with nationwide voting – then fire all the writers. Put this person on the stage, no script and say have at it. Improv! Whatever ends up has to be better than the scripted crap that we were fed last night.

For those who were smart enough to turn it off after the first 15 minutes, I am jealous. Even Adam is much smarter than I am and slept through the entire thing. Next year I don’t even think I am going to waste my time and I’ll wait for the recaps the following morning.

As for my picks I batted 50% scoring 12 correct choices.


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