February – By The Numbers

I was excited to look at the numbers for February because it is a shorter month, how would that change the numbers, besides being short from missing a few days. Much to my surprise there wasn’t that much of a difference! February went by so quickly, the groundhogs predicted an early spring and we had a sample of the wonderful weather that is on its way. Here is what happened with the numbers –

Eating: Adam ate 162 times in February eating a total of 944.5 ounces. This is just 0.25 ounces less than January. Very interesting because we had 3 days less than the previous month. I wonder how much more he would have eaten if we had 3 more days in the month.

Diapers: Adam went through 144 diapers and boy did they stink. He now holds his own legs up when I go to change him which makes my job somewhat easier. Sometimes he tricks me and flings his legs down sometimes resulting a foot in a dirty diaper and a bigger clean up then I was planning on.

Growth: Adam had his 4 month doctors appointment today. (We’re a little late with the appointment) He now weighs 15 lbs and 8 oz, that is an increase of 3 lbs 4 oz since his last appointment.For weight that puts him in the 56 percentile. The shocker of this visit was his length measurement. He came in at 27.17 inches which puts him in the 97 percentile for his age. He’s going to be a tall boy when he gets older. I think I may have to go invest in a cow for all the milk he’s going to be consuming as a child and teenager. He’s very healthy and there are no concerns with him. He had his immunization needles today as well. He started crying just after he got them and was quite upset. He had tears streaming down his face, luckily he doesn’t have a piercing cry. Holding him and cuddling didn’t seem to calm him, nor did singing so I turned to my trusty iPod. I turned on my digital copy of Monsters Inc and held it in front of Adam. It took him maybe 2 seconds to stop crying and he was content to stare at Mike and Sully on the screen. I let him watch for about 5 minutes and all was good again. He was a tad fussy during the day today but he spent the evening laughing and playing so he’s been handing the needles well.

And there you have it. February By The Numbers

(He’s not looking too bad for having 2 needles 10 minutes before this picture was taken)


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