My Early Morning Adventure

It all begins with sleeping bliss. I am dreaming an eclectic array of dreams. Dreams of Hollywood hunks knocking at my door, concept Porche cars and many other delights that make me giddy when suddenly in my dream I hear a “mouaaaaaaa”.

My eyes jolt open trying to focus in my dark room, I roll over look at the clock. 2:45am. It can’t be. I wait a few more seconds and hear “mouaaaaaaa”. Yep it’s true. Adam is up and wants a bottle.

I stretch out and kick something with my feet. Brian is still snoring so it wasn’t him. I grab my trusty iPhone and use it as a flashlight. I reach for the mass of black I just kicked. “meow”. It was Wilson who very rarely sleeps in the bed with us. The cats are acting very strange lately. I wonder if they have come to terms with the fact that Adam isn’t going anywhere.

I wander into the washroom to visit my friend John, with the baby monitor in tow I sit down hoping Adam has fallen back asleep.

“mouaaaaaaa” – Nope. I wonder into the office where there is a beer fridge that we keep bottles in among otter things. I open the door and no bottles. Daddy must have forgotten to bring some up.

I hobble down the stairs because my body doesn’t quite want to move yet. I flip on the over the stove light and warm a bottle. As I’m waiting the most recent Today’s Parent magazine is on the counter with the headline “Sleep Strategies from Birth to Toddler”. That seems fitting to read at this moment in time. I flip open to the age group and one of the points says “Don’t force a schedule, just roll with what the baby does.” Well that I thought was written by someone who is probably sound asleep at this exact moment.

Adam’s “mouaaaaaaa” is getting louder so I decide the bottle is warm enough and begin the hobble upstairs. Brian has stopped snoring which isn’t a good thing.

I pull back the nursery screen and am hit with a vile smell. I am so excited to see what this diaper had in store. *insert sarcastic feeling here* I pull it open and am disappointed to find just pee. After that hype with the smell I was expecting the poop of the century.

We sit in the chair and I place the receiving blanket on Adam’s chest and he frantically shoves it in his mouth. After fighting with him to exchange it, he starts sucking like this is the last bottle he’ll ever get. I check my program and it’s been 10 1/2 hours since his last bottle. I guess he’s justified.

As he eats I begin to write this blog, I pause for a moment to burp Adam and rest him on my shoulder to fall back asleep. He’s sound asleep as I listen to the sounds of the night.

A police car with it sirens blaring brings a smile to my face taking me back to my police ride along. I’d love to do that again. A train blows it’s whistle and a truck slows down using it’s Jake breaks. The soothing sounds I’ve grown up with.

I put Adam down and stick a soother in his mouth. It looks like he’s going to wake up. As he fights sleep I check the nursery for cats. We’re all clear. I sneak out and we’re on our way back to sleep.

I turn on the monitor, look at the clock. 4:06am. I sneak under the covers to finish this blog entry wondering how long is it going to take me to fall back asleep and how long will sleeping bliss last?


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