Fever Friday

Why is it when the Daddy gets sick the whole world stops but when the Mommy gets sick the weight of the world gets a little heavier?

Yesterday Daddy stayed home and I spent most of the day in bed sleeping. I did end up having to take care of Adam for the afternoon and cooked Daddy and myself a mid afternoon snack. I was asleep by 5:30pm and slept through the night.

This morning Adam was up at 3:45am and had no intention of going back to sleep so I crawled out of bed looking and feeling like death himself.

By 6 am I was done for the day but really the day was just starting. Adam was hungry again so I fed him, and got him into his crib. Yey! I can crawl back into bed. That lasted a whole 10 minutes. Adam was still hungry so more food he got. He spit up all over the sheets so add laundry to the list of things to do.

He’s finally asleep and I should be too however the list of things that need to be done. Adam will need bottles cleaned but to do that I have to do the dishes that piled up yesterday, the bathroom is a mess and well the rest of the house is turning into a mess too.

Every time I sneeze, cough or blow my nose Adam starts to cry. I want to cry right now. The cat doesn’t get the point of me repeatedly picking him up and throwing him off the bed.

Is the day over yet? If fairy godmothers existed I could use her help right now.


One thought on “Fever Friday

  1. I felt that way this past week! I was sick but still went to work, still had to wake up and take care of the baby at night, and then on my days off when I would have rather been resting and getting better I had to be home with the baby! But then the past 2 days my wife has been sick and who is still stuck doing the same thing and alot more the pick up what my wife can’t do, ME!

    It’s so frustrating, I understand but keep it up!

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