March – By The Numbers

With another month gone I sit here wondering where does all the time go? It seems like just yesterday I was writing the blog for the previous month.

Eating: Adam was a little piggy this month. He at 1043 ounces of formula. I was thinking to myself he is going though cases of formula much faster than usual however when I look at the numbers it wasn’t all in my head. He really is eating that much more. He ate 178 times over the month.

Diapers: We had the pleasure of changing Adam’s diapers 165 times in March. We have been experimenting with more different diapers this month and I’ll be revisiting the Diaper Wars hopefully a little later on this month.

Growth: We didn’t have a doctor’s appointment this month but the growth that Adam is going through it amazing. He has mastered rolling back and forth, from his back to his belly and then back again. He is starting to sit up on his own when we put him in the middle of the bed. It seems like he’s going to be crawling any moment now due to his flailing arms and legs but it’s known as fake crawling right now. He has mastered throwing toys and he can get quite the distance right now, about 2 feet from his high chair. He’s also mastered pulling my hair, pulling it out of a pony tail and in general just being a hair bully to me. He has also really found his voice this month. He’s still a pretty quiet crier when he wants something but when he’s playing and laughing the laughing and squealing that comes out of him could stop an army.

There it is – March By The Numbers


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