Adam and the Cats – Revisited

Wilson and Adam are going to be wonderful friends and I think Toby will just tolerate Adam living in his house.

This was my prediction back in my post Adam and the Cats. I think my prediction is going to be wrong. Adam is 5 months old now and approaching his 6 month birthday really fast and the cats have changed in ways I never would have imagined.

Toby since moving into our place several years ago was a protective, territorial cat who quite possibly kill you if he had a straight shot to your jugular vein. For months leading up to Adam’s arrival I had played it though my mind that we would have to give him away, or even have him put to sleep because he was so nasty with strangers. Anyone who came into the house was welcomed with hisses, and swats. If he caught you in the main floor bathroom he would actually corner you in there.

Wilson was the compassionate one who would love to curl up to you and get scratches and was always well-behaved. He was a wonderful kitty with lots of energy and always provided a laugh.

Fast forward to today.

Toby is suddenly a compassionate kitty who wants attention from everyone. He allows strangers to pet him and seems to enjoy when Adam grabs his ear and tail. He will come up and sniff Adam’s face and rub his whole body against Adam. It is very cute and unexpected from the devil cat I described earlier.

Wilson too seems to enjoy Adam pulling on his tail and grabbing his ear. He’s tried to sleep on Adam while I was holding him however I think Wilson still has a few pounds on Adam so I will wait until Adam is bigger to allow that behaviour. Wilson comes up and licks Adam’s face, hair and fingers. He is content curling up beside Adam on whatever chest space is left over.

Both cats seem very patient with him which is wonderful. I would have never expected them to accept Adam so quickly. The joy that the cats bring to Adam is so enjoyable to watch. When a cat walks by Adam’s eyes light up and a huge smile comes across his face. You can tell he’s trying to figure out how to get his hands on the kitty. Sometimes if he’s quite the cat will wander over to Adam but he quickly lets out a shriek of happiness which causes the cats to run for cover.

I can’t wait to get a picture of Adam and our cats. I don’t know if that will ever happen, it’s like a mythical unicorn or bigfoot. Those who know my cats and have been cornered in the bathroom probably don’t believe a word of this but they truly have both adapted for the better.

I’m glad I was wrong about Toby. I think he and Adam are going to have something special.


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