Today I Bought A Stranger A Coffee

Today I bought a stranger a coffee.

It didn’t quite play in life like it did in my head.

As I was walking into Tim Horton’s a gentleman ran up to the door to open it for Adam and I, then proceeded to let me go before him inline. As I was standing there getting annoyed by the amount of elementary school students in the building the idea to pay for this gentlemen’s coffee popped into my head. It would be my random act of kindness and he did hold the door open for me after all.

I got to the counter and placed my order, then told the employee that I wanted to put the change towards the gentlemen’s order behind me. I assumed he was just getting a coffee and there was more than enough for a coffee. She looked at me strange and said you don’t know what he’s getting and I said just put it towards his order. She really gave me a stranger look and then called him over.

He placed this order and the employee said that the lady in front of him had paid for the order. He replied with, I can’t accept it. I said sure he could and that to pay it forward. He insisted that he really couldn’t accept it and the employee tried to give me my money back and I wouldn’t take it.

Why was this gentleman not accepting my nice gesture. Ok, so I realize that people don’t usually do that but once in a while it’s nice to bring a little sunshine on a frigid spring day. As Canadians are we too polite to accept a gift from a stranger? It’s not like I was buying him a car, it was a $2 coffee.

I left the store and was walking the opposite direction when he came out and started walking the opposite way. He turned and yelled out “Thanks for the Coffee!” I responded with I hope you enjoy it and continued on my way thinking about what he was thinking and what the employee was thinking.

I smiled sipping my coffee coming to realize that they probably thought I was crazy.

I believe in Karma and that good things can come from small gestures. From my small gesture today Karma rewarded me with a winning Roll Up The Rim Cup.

I won a free coffee.


2 thoughts on “Today I Bought A Stranger A Coffee

  1. Great story Shannon! He definitely shouldn’t have made it so awkward. Enjoy your free coffee. 🙂

  2. Jesus said, ” the measure you give – the measure you get.”

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