The Secret of Being a Supermom

I sit here totally exhausted, thinking about my to-do list which had me in the fetal position last week. The do to list is almost done, there are some small things that need to be done, but overall my house is looking mighty fine and everything I need to cook a feast is in my fridge.

How the heck did I get this all done, what is my secret? People today hire lots of help to get these things done, but then I think they miss the satisfaction of tacking a huge list and standing back to admire the gleaming floors, the shiny stove tops and other things that bring me joy once they are clean.

It could be my awesome proverbial superhero cape. The one that would have spit-up and dried food on it. The one that the cats would chase around the house and that I would probably use for dusting.

Maybe it’s my super powers. Running around like a mad woman, budgeting my time and perfectly planning that shopping trip to hit all the stores on off-peak times so you don’t waste time waiting in line. Really these super powers are fueled by caffeine. If I could hook an IV of coffee up to myself I probably would.

Really my secret of being a supermom is having a super team behind me.

There is Brian who comes homes from work and takes Adam right away from me and has him all evening. Who will let me sleep in on weekends, and hug me when I need it. He lets me vent about a rough day or about things that are bugging me and he lets me spend our entire LCBO gift card on drinks for me.

There is Robin, who will come over and hold Adam for 30 minutes and even though her feeding him resulted in Adam screaming and being the most upset we have ever seen him I’ll still call her again for help. (Really I think it was her fiance hanging over Adam poking him while he was sleeping with his eyes open. I’d scream too if I woke up to that sight! Love ya Dathan!)

There is my Mom who is always telling me how good of a Mom I am, how I am so in tune with Adam and how proud she is of me. At the drop of a hat she will come over and hold Adam if I need my hands, she loves feeding him and says I don’t ask for help enough.

There is G.G. who has raised 3 children of her own, 4 grandchildren and now a great-grandchild. She is always offering her help. She feeds Adam, walks around with him and even gets on the floor with him. If I offer her lunch I have to force it down her throat because she doesn’t want to be more work for me. I will not make her change Adam’s diapers because in my mind she’s changed enough but she would gladly do it if I needed her to. It’s really wonderful listening to them while I am cleaning. How many people have a G.G. who is young enough to play with them, hold them and love them like she does.

There is my Dad who is always picking things up for us and doesn’t expect a penny in return. When he’s home he often cooks for us however over the Summer when his boat is in the water we tend to starve. I know these two will be wonderful buddies once Adam masters holding a fishing pole.

There are many others too so if I didn’t mention you don’t think you aren’t part of  the team, I’m saving what you do for us for a blog on another day. These 5 people are those who are keeping me sane while preparing for Easter dinner and who kept me sane while Adam was sick.

It is said it takes a village to raise a child. That is true, but I think it takes a village to prevent the mom from becoming an alcoholic. 

Thank You are just two words which don’t seem to be enough.

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