The Cutest Baby EVER!

Every parent says their child is the cutest. I have to say it – I have the cutest baby on the face of the earth. How this happened I don’t know. I never think of myself as beautiful. I am just an average person. Brian is handsome so you would think we would end up with an average baby. Somehow we ended up with a hollywood baby. The cuteness rivals my favourite celebrity baby Levi McConaughey

Ewww – I won’t lie. I gag a little when I look at this picture, at least when it’s zoomed in to his nose. The lovely yellow snot that is running out of his nose really grosses me out.

Even when Adam is sick he is adorable and a wonderful baby. He’s feeling much better today which makes me happy. He started to sleep through the night again, and this morning you wouldn’t even know he’s spent the past 3 days sneezing, coughing and covering everything in snot.

Last night we went out to take some Mother’s Day pictures. This was at the request of my Mom who only wants a picture of my sister, Adam and I. We were more than happy to oblige. This snot nose picture wasn’t the inspiration for this blog. It is the picture to follow. I didn’t want to share it because I didn’t want to “ruin” the Mother’s Day gift, but I can’t wait to share it. It proves I have the cutest child ever! Mom, your 5 x 7 copy of this photo among others will be delivered on Sunday. WARNING: YOUR HEART MAY MELT BY VIEWING THIS PICTURE. I hope it makes you smile like it does for me.


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