April – By The Numbers

Eating: April was an exciting month for feeding. Adam ate 235 times. 200 of those were bottles, but 35 of those meals were solid. Adam ate 1024.25 ounces of formula. We introduced solids this month and it’s been so much fun. He’s had Rice Cereal, Green Beans, Peas, Carrots and Sweet Potatoes. I’ve mentioned in my previous post What To Feed Baby that we are on a 3 day feeding schedule introducing one food for 3 days. If you think this is a silly idea, here is the reason why you should do it this way. After introducing Adam to carrots, he got a little rash. We introduced sweet potatoes, he got a little rash. When we introduced pumpkin – this happened. Since we are introducing food the way we are I am confident that he has an issue with any food that is orange. I don’t have to sit and guess what I gave him to cause this. I don’t think it’s causing him pain but he does itch it when he’s naked. It’s been over 12 hours and there is already and improvement. We won’t be giving him any solids until the rash has gone away and then we will start again.

Diapers: We changed Adam’s diapers 189 times. This month was interesting with the introduction of solid foods. The colours, textures and smells made it a surprise every time we changed his diaper. Brian and I agree Peas make the best Poops.

Growth: We had several doctor’s visits but not one to measure his growth. We did have to place him on a scale and we weighted in at about 17 lbs. We have a doctor’s appointment next week to get his official measurements.

April was an interesting month. Adam had a touch of pneumonia which introduced all sorts of new experiences. Dealing with a very fussy sick baby, trying to get him better while keeping my sanity. Giving him medications, having his first x-ray and being worried yet still keeping my cool.

Adam is a little mover. He’s not crawling yet but he rolls and spins very well. If something is out of reach he manages to get himself over to it. It seems like I can’t turn my back anymore because the second I turn around he’s not where I left him. I’m sure once he figures out crawling I’m going to be on my toes all the time.  He is able to sit up very well on his own. Sometimes he gets too excited and falls over but he’s getting the hang of it.

There you have it – April By The Numbers.


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