Adam’s Wednesday Adventure

Wednesday started like most other days. Adam and I got up, had our breakfast and started planning a day of errands. I turned on my laptop to discover two big lines going through the screen. The tell-tale sign of a laptop on the fritz. I got really angry having just replaced my DSLR last month because my old one kicked the bucket and came to the realization that I probably won’t be able to replace this once it dies. I was not a happy camper but decided during our outing I would stop and price out some new laptops so I know how much I’m going to have to work on saving.

On the list today was a delivery of a disc (from a photo shoot completed on the weekend), a visit to the library, a stop at the post office, followed by some laptop window shopping.

The first stop was completely across town, so the plan was to start there and work our way back home. We got there and made the delivery of the disc. I was feeling like what another boring, routine day and things needed to be mixed up. So despite gas prices which I complained about in this post. We were going to port.

The port is 45 minutes away and is a wonderful summer destination that isn’t too far to drive. Adam has never been there but we had lots of people to visit and things to see.

The first stop was the Marina to visit Grandad and to look at his boat. I am sure Adam will be spending much time on his boat this summer. It was too cold and choppy to go out yesterday and not having planned this trip I left Adam’s life jacket at home. Adam met some of the dock neighbours and seemed to be happy with the area. My Dad’s boat is the one behind Adam.

Following that we went to visit one of my favourite couples from the boat. They live in Port all year and they weren’t able to make it to the marina Christmas party so they have only seen pictures of Adam. It was a lovely visit with Adam and their new dog Buddy sniffing each other and trying to be friends.

Our next stop was the one I was most excited about. I was taking Adam to the beach for the first time. It was too cold to go out and into the lake but it was just beautiful enough to play on the beach.

I was quite impressed with how Adam interacted with the sand. He loved it! I sat watching waiting for the inevitable to happen and for him to put the sand in his mouth. He sat there and raked it with his fingers, picked it up and crumbled it in his hands. He put some on his foot and leg. Then he repeated that. He didn’t even try to put it in his mouth.

Adam didn’t try to eat it until he lost his balance and took a header into the sand. He’s been licking everything lately and once his head was close enough to the sand he of course started to lick it and put it in his mouth. Like any good parent would do, I laughed and let him go to town. It wasn’t long after he got some in his mouth that he spit it out.

Shortly after that we headed home first for a bath and then for dinner with the family. It was Grandad’s birthday and in typical Grandad style he cooked dinner for everyone.

It was such a fun day but at the end of it I was asking –

Adam, how the heck did you get sand there?


2 thoughts on “Adam’s Wednesday Adventure

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