Another Time Out For Fun

Thursday – the mission of the day was to do all the things we didn’t get done on Wednesday because of our adventure.

The list looked like this: Take Buddy (my Dad’s Dog) to the groomers, go to the library, go to the post office, go window shopping for a new laptop and pick up Buddy from the groomers.

My Dad came over first thing in the morning and said he would drop Buddy off as long as I could pick him up. Score – one thing off the list. I packaged up what we needed and then took off for the library. I found the items I was looking for and decided to wander through the children’s section. The librarian came up and said Books for Babies? I thinking she was asking a question said no I’m just looking. She proceeded to tell me that there was a free drop in program starting in 5 minutes and I was welcome to join. I knew the library system offered these things but they are never at the library near my house. I decided why not. Let’s see what it’s all about.

We went into the room and parked our stroller beside another Mom and her baby. He was a boy about a month older than Adam. We sat down beside each other and Adam made a friend. They were holding hands and babbling to each other. The program started and we sang, then the librarian read books (which I think I enjoyed more than the kids) than we sang some more. They brought out toys to play with and at the end I was given a package with info from the library and with a certificate for a free book. How cool was that?

It was actually nice to talk to adults and talk about our babies. It was so fun to watch all the kids interact with each other. They were all within a few months of each other, however it’s amazing what a months worth of developing can do. It was a 30 minute program but nearly an hour later we were still there with the parents.

I did make it to the post office and that was the most important thing to get done today. I decided to come home because Adam was fussy and I was feeling a little tired after all that singing and playing. Adam ended up sleeping on the way home, I wish I could have done the same.

As for next Thursday, I think I know where I may end up for an hour in the morning.


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