Happy Birthday Queen Victoria!

It’s May 2-4 weekend! The unoffical kick off to summer. A weekend of family and friends. Camping, cottages and beaches. Or if you so choose just time at home with those you love.

Traditionally this long weekend has horrible weather however this year we seem to have gotten off pretty well. There has been a little bit of rain and it’s suppose to rain all day today, but Saturday and Sunday were just beautiful. Yesterday we spent time outside with Adam, blowing bubbles and looking at things. In the evening after dinner we walked up to the weekly classic car cruise in. We’re thinking this is going to be a fanstastic thing to do because Adam already has at least 30 Hot Wheel cars waiting for him to open and play with. Plus it’s a free activity we can do as a family.

Adam & a 1974 Corvette Stingray (I’m pretty sure on the year but  wouldn’t bet my life on it) This is one of the cars I would own if I ever won the lottery. I think he’s still a little young to appreciate the beauty of a classic car but its better to get him started young.

He slept on the way home and once we got here he had a bottle and went to bed. We being the wonderful parents let him sleep a bit but then woke him up for fireworks and sparklers. The people in the neighbourhood were setting off fireworks so we can enjoy that for free but we bought sparklers for Adam’s first Victoria Day.

Ohh – Sparkly things! Adam was intrigued eventually with the sparklers. I was also quite impressed that the big fireworks didn’t scare him at all.

Have I mentioned I love my new camera the Nikon D90 and my 50mm F1.8 lens? I don’t think my D70s would have ever produced a picture like this. Even if I tried!

I think Adam really like them by then end – what do you think? I hope that eveyone was able to take a time out from life this long weekend and have some fun with your friends and family.

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