It’s a Tooth!

I have not been letting Adam chew on my fingers. I am convinced I won’t know there is a tooth and he’ll bite my finger off.

Last night Gramma was letting him go at her fingers like they were a rack of ribs when she got excited and said I think he has a tooth. Well poor child suddenly had 6 hands all trying to go into his mouth and feel it, trying to pry open his mouth to look at it. Low and behold there is a sharp bugger poking out of him gums.

I honestly would have not known he was teething. He’s been chewing on everything which is part of this age of discovery. He’s been sucking on his fingers but over the past few days he started to do something silly. He sits and sucks on his bottom lip. I couldn’t figure out why he was doing it but now it makes sense. He can feel the tooth rubbing when he sucks on the lip.

He hasn’t been fussy or miserable. He’s been my happy Adam. He seems to be sleeping a bit more then usual however that just might be a skewed perception. I hope the entire teething process goes like this.

Once his tooth becomes more visible I’ll post a picture.


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