Did You Watch Oprah’s Last Show?

I’ve grown up with Oprah, but I wouldn’t call myself a diehard fan. I always liked knowing that in the afternoon I had the option of watching her if I wanted to.

I watched the first day of her 2 day surprise spectacular, I fast forwarded through a lot of the 2nd hour. It was long and drawn out. I think it could have been an hour show.

I sat down yesterday to watch her finale and 30 minutes in I couldn’t take it anymore. I understand that you are a powerhouse Oprah. I understand that you have changed people’s lives, inspired people to change their lives and you have done great things in your 25 years on television. However I was bored with what you were saying. I think what you were saying was brilliant but it should have been saved for your autobiography which we can assume is in the works.

The Oprah show as we know it on cable is over, however I don’t think Oprah is really done. I think she will be returning on her cable network OWN.  She said she is going to take some time off but I don’t think she will ever really give up what she herself called her passion and where she was meant to be.

Maybe Oprah you haven’t changed or impacted my life the way other people have. I must say though, it’s interesting that yesterday when I changed the channel off of your “Love Letter” to your fans I found a show that kept my attention.

What show was it you ask? 16 and Pregnant.

Will I miss Oprah now that she is gone? Will I go through withdrawals.

Probably not. It wasn’t often I could sit through an entire episode of your show anyways.

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