Adam and the Allergist

With the fear of my child becoming the bubble boy of the city, today came and we went to an allergist for answers.

It all started with Adam’s 6 month doctors appointment at the beginning of this month. I brought up that I noticed Adam was getting hives, however the one thing that concerned me was what happened after we fed Adam pumpkin for the first time. I showed the doctor the picture and she immediately said a trip to the allergist must be arranged.

I had allergies all through my childhood. None that were life threatening but just bothersome. I still have allergies now but they are much better. I had vivid memories of my visit with the allergist and the test the performed on me. I remember laying on my belly and having them sick me with a needle, and a little bit of the suspected allergen to see if there was any reaction. I remember how itchy my back was because I was allergic to everything and how unpleasant the trip home was.

When the doctor said we had to go to the allergist I feared this is what they would do to Adam. I felt a little better with him being so young he won’t remember it. I did get Brian to take the afternoon off to escort me just in case they were going to do this.

This morning the office called me and asked me if I had any of the suspects still in the house. With the answer being yes, I was asked to bring them in for a skin test. The letter they sent me said that skin tests usually do not require needles. It’s been a while since I’ve been to an allergist so maybe things have changed.

We arrived at the office and Adam was as happy as can be. The nurse just loved him which made the next part the hardest for her. She had to do a prick test on him. I said I hated it and that I had horrible memories of having it done. She assured me things have improved greatly and it’s not as bad as it use to be. The nurse was sweet and proceeded with the test. She put the suspect onto the arm and then pricked into Adam’s arm with a small needle punch. She did this 5 times, one for each food we suspected. Carrots, Sweet Potatoes and Pumpkin. The other two were control samples. Adam was a trooper for the first 3. It was the 4th one that sent him into his crying fit. Our trick to calm him down is to distract him. So we pulled out the iPhone and started to play Bruno Mars’ Lazy Song music video. It worked for a little bit but he was quite fussy. We had to sit there for 25 minutes while we waited for a reaction. The nurse came back in to look and measure the reactions. We then had to wait for the doctor. I was holding Adam and he thankfully fell asleep, poor guy was tuckered out anyways.

Adam woke up when the doctor came into the room. We started to discuss things about how the pregnancy was, things I did. We started to discuss my blood clots and the fragmin injections (you can read about that at this post) that I took during the pregnancy. This is when that voice in the back of your head starts to ask if you screwed up during your pregnancy and caused this.

We started to discuss when I notice the hives and rashes. I proceeded to show the doctor the collection of hives on various parts of Adam’s body.

The doctor smiled and said, “Adam’s not allergic to anything. Isn’t that a relief for you?”

So that leaves the question what the heck are all these hives from?

The doctor explained that his happens in 20% of babies. This happens because a babies skin is so sensitive and their immune system is still developing histamines can come up to the surface of the body and cause hives or a rash. This happens for no apparent reason and babies grow out of it.

Did you hear my sigh of relief?

As for what to do?

The doctor’s advice “Just ignore them, he’ll be fine and they’ll go away.”


2 thoughts on “Adam and the Allergist

  1. i am wondering if my baby girl has this…he didnt give a name for it…did he? so i could look into it further?

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