I’m Sorry For Making a Reasonable Request

When I purchased my condo I knew what I was getting into, or so I thought. For those who may not know how a condo works there is a set of rules that you agree to live by regarding what is known as common areas. These are areas that anyone can have access to and use. This includes but not limited to front lawns, green spaces, parking lots etc.

I have a neighbour who like to do as I say “arts and crafts” For years I have watched him hang different items from trees and spray paint them, stain them and a whole host of other things that you do when you are refinishing furniture. The tree out behind my house is now dead from years of these actions. It’s really sad because it was and still is a very popular tree for birds and even though it is brown and shriveled I don’t mind it being there because I can see the birds in it. I’ve watched spray paint end up on the grass, sidewalk stones and various other places spray paint, stain and so on shouldn’t be.

Yesterday while I was sitting at my kitchen table with Adam enjoying dinner, watching the wonderful tree out in front of my house, my neighbours daughter, who doesn’t even live in the complex proceeded to hang a mail box and begin to spray paint it. Really? You are right in front of my kitchen window, spray painting. You have already killed one tree, I really don’t want this tree to die.

I had two courses of action. Action 1 was to go knock on their door and politely ask them to not do this anymore. Action 2 was to file a complaint with the condo board. I decided to go with action 1, I did not have to include the condo board in this and I thought I was making a reasonable request.

I was told I was a petty bitch and asked what my problem was. As the door was slammed in my face I came home and locked my door. (Honestly I’ve been called far worse in my life. So you think I am a bitch big deal.) My neighbour and his daughter came outside screaming at each other and at anyone they laid their eyes on. Another concerned neighbour came out and was challenged to a fight over the situation while the daughter swore that she was going to kill me.

They were finally convinced to go back in the house, as the phone started ringing and the neighbourhood started to get wind of what was going on I was advised to file a police report. Again I had 2 options, I could have the police come to me, or I could go to the station. Well having the police show up here would just blow up the situation even further. So I decided to go down to the station to do it secretly without the neighbours knowing. This way if there is any problems in the future I have started a paper trail documenting everything.

To say the least I didn’t get really any sleep last night. Maybe an hour, maybe two. I kept waking up in a panic, breathing heavy and it is obvious I am more shaken over the situation then I thought I was. I thought setting up a security camera would help me be at ease but it didn’t work.

So I am sorry for making such a reasonable request. I apologize to the neighbourhood for the unnecessary drama, and I thank the neighbours I love for being in my corner. It is people like you that make me stay.

Most of all I’m sorry to Adam. I chose this house because we are close to a park, we are right next door to Gramma and Grand-dad. We are a quick walk to G.Gs house I and I honestly thought this would be a great place to raise you. I did not think the neighbours were so mentally unstable and I wonder if we will be able to enjoy the green space off the deck or the grass on the front lawn again. Is it safe for us to go for a walk, or will we be harassed?  I did not intend for such a request to be blown so far out of proportion. I suddenly have serious concerns about the home that your Daddy and I worked so hard to buy and make our own. (This could still be because I’ve had no sleep and I may not have a clear head at the moment.)

I should not be feeling so guilty about my actions but I do. Those who know me know that I am probably one of the most accommodating person you will ever meet.

I think we’ll lay low in the house for the next few days and totally be hobbits and scarce in the neighbourhood. It makes me wonder what is the sense of having condo rules if they aren’t going to be followed?

My dream right now is a house in the country with the only neighbours being maybe some deer and rabbits. If I could just win the lottery.

If anyone feels like making an exile island in this world to send people who shouldn’t be living with the general population – I have your first two residents.


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