How Do Babies Know?

Yesterday I took Adam to a funeral visitation, I really wasn’t sure how it was going to go. He’s been playing shy an awful lot lately and it usually results in crying. Taking him into this situation I wasn’t quite sure what the outcome was going to be.

Somehow babies know, they sense the situation.

Adam had a quiet smile on his face and as we started through the receiving line he reached out for every single person. Every person was so happy to see a quiet happy baby and was more than happy to hold a Adam. What happened next floored me. He kissed each person as they held him on the cheek. (Well Adam’s kiss right now is an open mouth planted on the cheek)

How did Adam know these people needed to be consoled? How did he know that they needed hugs and love from family, friends and strangers. Adam had never met any of these people before yet he was comfortable enough to do this. My son made me so proud.

It was an open casket which I usually don’t handle well but with what just happened there was a sense of peace and we paid our respects. I was a little uncomfortable with the amount Adam was staring at the body. A look wouldn’t hurt him but he was staring so intently. I told Adam that the man was sleeping, after I thought I’m glad he doesn’t understand and won’t remember because I can just picture him asking to sleep in a box too.

I am actually very glad I took Adam. There is such innocents with children and they make us look at our life situations in a different perspective.

Adam never fails to amaze me.


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