If Adam Could Talk Today

If Adam could talk today he would tell you why his Daddy is the best.

  • Daddy knows when all the best cartoons are on and he knows all the theme songs, all the characters and all the plots
  • Daddy lets me smash the keyboard when he’s playing World of Warcraft, or mash the buttons of the video game controller
  • Daddy comes through the door every day and the first thing he does is pick me up and take me with him to whatever he is doing
  • Daddy takes me for long walks on the weekend to give Mommy a break
  • Daddy lets me pull his beard hair as hard as I want
  • Daddy tickles me and makes me laugh hard
  • Daddy gives me long baths and lets me splash water everywhere
  • Daddy teaches me things that Mommy doesn’t want me to learn yet
Brian you are a wonderful Dad. Maybe it was the drugs from the C-Section or maybe it was real but you seemed so scared to hold Adam that first time. You had very little experience with babies but you dove in head first and figured things out so quickly. The first few days at home I don’t remember changing a diaper, you did them all. You do so much for Adam and I to make sure we are taken care of.
We couldn’t ask for a better Daddy and Husband! We Love You!
This picture was taken just a few weeks after Adam was born. Dad and Adam chilling on the couch. On a side note if you read my previous blog you’ll notice Brian is wearing the shirt that I mention he stole from me.

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