2008 is FINALLY in the Books

After many marathon scrap booking sessions the 2008 scrapbook is finally done.

I thought 2008 was going to be an easy scrapbook to do because it was generally a crappy year, I didn’t take many pictures however it was one of the hardest ones to do because all the pictures were of good things that happened that year and it caused me to do a lot of thinking and reflecting. I also found I was uninspired to do a lot of the pages. I had a hard time coming up with designs and combinations that I loved.

Now that it is done it’s not as bad as I thought it was. There are pages I LOVE and pages that I hate, but I am not going back to redesign them because I have several better years to scrapbook.

Here is a sample of my favourite pages.

I am going to start my 2009 scrapbook but I am going to try a different approach. I haven’t even ordered the pictures for 2009 yet so as I am going through the pictures I am going to sketch and pre-design pages as I go. Hopefully this will help move things along.

My ultimate goal is to catch up so I am scrapbooking the year we are in. I want to sketch and keep notes as I take pictures because when I take a picture I may get a fantastic idea, but then when I sit down to actually scrapbook it I forget what that idea was. I also take so many pictures that it’s getting hard to choose them so if I jot down notes as I go and keep maybe a daily diary type book it will help.

I haven’t started Adam’s scrapbook yet and I am afraid that if I wait too long I am going to forget things that he is doing and miss the emotions I am feeling that I want to reflect in the scrapbook.

One of the best things of all  is I am making time for me. I need time for me and it is fantastic!


One thought on “2008 is FINALLY in the Books

  1. […] Finish my 2008 Scrapbook My 2008 scrapbook did get completed and there are quite a few pages in it I am very pleased with. If you asked me about what happened it 2008 I couldn’t really tell you, and honestly the scrapbook wasn’t as thick as previous years however when I finished it I was happy that it was done. […]

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