I Have A Real Good Baby

Here is a recipe for disaster. A lunch date with the Aunties and a baby who woke up at 6:30am and hasn’t napped all morning.

This is where I found myself yesterday, Adam would not sleep all morning, he wanted to play and adventure. You could tell he was tired with the heavy red eyes and the flip-flop from super happy to crying in 2 nano seconds. Despite every effort I made he would not close his eyes for a nap.

I planned and timed his meals so he wouldn’t get hungry in the middle of the lunch date however I was worried that I was going to have to remove myself from the restaurant because of a crying baby.

I personally have an issue with those who just let their babies scream at the table. I am a firm believer in removing yourself from the situation until the child calms down. This goes for children who are throwing fits in stores etc. Yes it’s inconvenient to you, however it sends a strong message to the child that you mean business. As well as it allows those who may not necessarily want to hear a child crying enjoy their meal or shop in peace.

I put Adam in the car to make the 3 minute drive to the restaurant and by the time I buckled him in and pulled out of the driveway he was asleep. On the up side he was going to get a very short nap. On the downside this could make things even worse waking up a sleeping baby.

We went into the restaurant and got ourselves situated at the table. Of course Adam grabbed the first, most unsafe item to play with. A straw – he was very happy and well he risked poking his eye out. Alright I’m a bad Mom, that was a risk I was willing to take. I let him play with that until it was time to put him in the high chair.

Apparently Cheerios and TV make for a happy baby. He was at just the right level at the table to see what was going on. He’s a fast little monster quickly getting his fingers into Auntie Andrea’s sandwich when it was put on the table. I let him taste a french fry which he liked a little too much. Luckily it didn’t turn him off the Cheerios. Adam was very quiet through the meal. He banged on the table a few times and joined the conversation however I don’t think he was loud enough for people in the next booth to hear us.

He started to get a little restless after lunch so I took him out of the chair while we ate dessert. I again was a horrible Mommy letting him have a little whipped cream off my desert. That was a bad idea because the rest of dessert was a challenge as Adam strategically placed his head in front of my mouth to intercept the spoon.

He made a few whiny noises but nothing that I believed disturbed any of the other diners. It was time to go back to my place for a coffee. I put him in the car and within a minute of driving Adam was out cold again.

Sleeping baby cuddles for the afternoon sounded like a great plan. Adam had a different plan. He woke up when I brought him in the house and he was ready to play again. It wasn’t until almost 3:30 that he finally closed his eyes and went down for the count.

Many people tell me that I have a real good baby. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it because he can get so fussy and demanding at home however when I think about it these people are right.

When we go out he behaves, he’s the worlds biggest flirt and he saves his whining and crying for in the car. It is so nice to be able to take Adam anywhere I go without causing a scene or having “that” baby who screamed through the entire meal or screamed the entire time we were in the store.

I am so lucky to have such a good baby.



One thought on “I Have A Real Good Baby

  1. Adam is so sweet! I love having a good baby too. On Sunday I took him to a wedding shower in Toronto. He slept the whole way there and home, and at the shower when it came time for his nap he fell asleep in the arms of Kent’s mom’s friend! I knew he was good, but that shocked even me. It’s nice to be able to take them out and not have to worry about anything.

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