An Adventure Into The Past

Who had fun today?

I did! I did!

One of the fantastic thing about having friends who are teachers is you suddenly have people to do things with in the summer. Today we decided to have an adventure to the past and visit the local pioneer village. It has buildings and artifacts dating back to 1820, and through the years up to 1920. They are all local buildings and artifacts that have been transported to this village to recreate a town from the past. It has been years since both of us had been there, the last time being on school trips. So we decided to check it out. For the $7 admission it was a wonderful outing.

Adam spent a lot of time concentrating on the animals that were there. There were lambs and pigs, however what intrigued him the most were some free range turkeys. He spent a very long time studying them. It probably helped that the turkeys weren’t afraid of people so they pretty much just stared back.

This is Adam sitting out front of the Jury House which was built-in 1888 by a father as a wedding gift to his son and his new wife. It is furnished with many of the original belongings of the couple.

We took a break in the shade to rest for a little bit. This is out back one of the houses in their garden. Adam is defiantly an adventurer.

Auntie Andrea took Adam into the garden to examine some of the flowers.

We ended the adventure by walking over to the lake that the pioneer village backs onto. I had spent much time here as a child however they do not allow swimming anymore in this spot. It makes me a little sad because I would have loved to bring Adam here during the summer to swim. I took at least 75 pictures of Adam near the lake. There are some adorable ones but this one kills me. He’s such a ham.

That was our adventure into the past. I probably will be returning this summer to the village again. It was so quiet and relaxing. They have different events happening all the time. Tomorrow there is a teddy bear picnic. I think Adam is a little young for that but when he gets older I think it will be wonderful to take him to things like that. Hopefully we’ll have more adventures like that through the summer!


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