Pwning Noobs

Adam is defiantly his father’s son. He loves computers already and can often be found smashing the keyboard while Dad is playing World of Warcraft (WoW).

I have video of Adam pwning noobs.

Alright he is a little young to be pwning noobs however he is playing on an amazing program that of course Daddy found for him.

The program is called Baby Smash! It is a program that allows a baby or child to smash on the keyboard without deleting all of your files or crashing your system. I probably wouldn’t let Adam do this on a new laptop for fear of damage, however my laptop is dying anyways so we might as well get all the use out of it we can.

When Adam hits a letter, that letter pops up on the screen, along with numbers and shapes for the other miscellaneous keys on the keyboard.

What makes this program even better is it’s free! You can download it here.

For those who spent the entire blog asking what the heck is pwning noobs, here is the definition from the Urban Dictionary.

The act of totally and utterly defeating new players in a game, usually a video-game. To beat a new player so badly that that person no longer wants to participate in playing that particular game, for fear of being pwned again.
“I was totally pwning noobs last night online on Call of Duty 4

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