Adam Watching

There are many days I just sit on the floor and watch Adam.

I watch what he does, how he interacts with toys. His facial expressions.

His behaviour is just amazing and the sacrifices we have to make for me to be home to see this is worth it.

Adam has pretty much free reign of the living room. There is very little that is off limits to him. He’s allowed to touch everything in reach.

He pulls the video games off the shelf one by one and inspects the front, then inspects the back.


Adam can make quite the mess. He often gets distracted by the TV an takes a time out to see what is on.


Hey, how’d you get over there? What are you doing?

Adam has started to climb up things. Today he got himself in a bit of a situation. He was trying to climb up the wall unit and got his foot stuck. I didn’t rush over to help him. I sat and watched him as he worked on getting unstuck, twisted around and was able to lower himself to the floor without injury. How does he figure things like that out? The concentrated look on his face showed he was determined to do it. The fact that he was able to do it made me warm and fuzzy inside.

Adam seems to be as smart as a whip. I’m sure I am going to have my hands full as time goes on.


What a great way to spend your days.

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