May, June & July – By the Numbers

I’m behind a few months in this blog topic so I’m just going to talk about the past 3 months in general with all the numbers added for over 3 months.

Eating: I didn’t realize I was going to give birth to a human vacuum cleaner. In a lot of ways this is a good thing. Adam has his picky days when it comes to eating but he eats pretty much everything we put in front of him. He’s not a big fan of the meats yet but when it comes to everything else he loves it. He likes to feed himself more often than not now. Sometimes this results in a mess (there is still food caked onto my electrical outlet I can’t get off). But his dexterity and hand eye co-ordination is awesome. If we put some food down that he doesn’t like mixed with food he does he’ll pick out only what he likes leaving the rest on his tray. Most nights Adam gets a bath because he is so messy from dinner. Adam ate 537 bottles over the past 3 months for a total of 2,936.05 oz – that equals 12.5 cans of formula. When you add that up that is $287.13 worth of food in his belly. For that price I could have bought a Hoover. He also ate 226 solid meals over 3 months with a wide variety of selection, his favourite all time meal though being pumpkin and rice cereal.

Diapers: What a crappy section *tehee*. Adam went through about 525 diapers. I say about because my spreadsheet (yet I have a spreadsheet for this information) breaks it down into wet, dry and poopies. I feel as if I broke it down into those three categories you may all think I really am crazy and anal retentive so I’ll just leave it at 525 diapers. I have to revisit my diaper ideals because I really was going to give cloth diapers a try but have decided not to. Honestly I don’t know where I would fit in treating them, cleaning them and then repeating. I feel as if most weekend the pile of laundry is going to fall over and crush me anyways.

Growth: Today we had Adam’s 9 month well baby appointment. He’s a very well baby. He’s now 30.16 inches long which puts him in the 96th percentile for his age. He is 21 lbs 8 oz which puts him in the 74th percentile for weight. Adam can now crawl like a speedy bullet. He pulls himself up without a problem and is determined to walk. Yesterday he pulled himself up onto the footstool and did a header into the floor when I had my eyes off him. He’s a handful already, I don’t know if I am looking forward to him walking on his own or not. He’s also turned into a noisy boy at home finally finding his voice when he’s playing.

In reality Adam isn’t so much my baby anymore as he is my little man. His personality is really starting to show and it is so fun (and challenging) to see the little man he’s turning out to be.

And there it is – May, June & July By The Numbers.



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