A taste of heaven

I’ve never forced a routine on Adam and I’m wondering if this was a good parenting choice or not.

We’ve all be there, laying in bed trying to sleep because we have some event that we need to be rested for. Or we worked an overnight shift, we got up early or for what ever reason we’ve had to change a routine. Then I am sure there are nights that we’ve all laid awake staring through the dark at the ceiling wishing we could sleep.

This is why I’ve not forced a schedule. Adam knows when he’s tired and when he is tired he lets me know. As long as I am an attentive parent this is not a problem. I have been told horror stories of parents trying to force routines on their children and it backfires.

Adam has started to occasionally go down or an afternoon nap. This is wonderful for me because I can actually get some work accomplished – if it’s house work or work for my photography business or for the agency I do volunteer work for I can actually sit down without worrying about what Adam is getting into.

The one downfall is this is not a daily occurrence and then I sit there watching Adam go like the energizer bunny and longing for that quiet time in my office.

On the upside Adam loves to have quiet time. You can tell he’s tired but he doesn’t want to sleep. These times are wonderful because he pulls himself up on you an latches on with no intention of letting go. He’s happy to read or watch TV during these times.

I’m glad we don’t have a set routine because if something comes up I don’t have to worry about being home at a specific time for a nap.

On the flip side I’d love to have that nap time to look forward to.

I digress though and I’ll take whatever nap time I can get. If you talk to my Mom she’ll tell you about a child who NEVER took a nap.

Come to think of it that child still has a hard time taking a nap.


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