When The Boys Go Away, Mommy Gets To Play

Today was planned out, the boys were going to go over to Brian’s parent’s house for the afternoon. I am working on a video for the organization I volunteer for and needed some time to put a dent in the project. Last night I spent a bit of time working on it and made the pleasant discovery that I was much further on the project then I had thought.

So as they boys packed up and headed out I entered my office and began work. Within a few hours the only thing that needs to be completed now is a simple voice over and it’s done. I sat staring at the computer incredibly pleased with myself because a week ago I was looking at over 200 photos to edit from a wedding I photographed and then what I thought was a huge amount of work on the video wondering how the heck I was going to get it all done.

I went upstairs wondering what I was going to do with my afternoon. I was confronted with the following –

Then I went into the kitchen and saw this –

I poured myself a glass of water, stepped over the toys, ignored the mess and went back down to my office. I decided to turn the music up really loud and sing along. I hit shuffle and this was the song that came up.

I hadn’t heard this song in ages and was killing myself laughing. Singing at the top of my lungs I decided to send my sister a text with the first few lines of the song.

I even sent her the next few lines and she didn’t clue in. I think she was thinking I had totally lost my mind and if there was a camera on me the rest of the world probably would have thought I went crazy cackling to myself, holding my belly because I was laughing so hard.

After spinning on my computer chair for a little bit until I got dizzy I decided to blow the dust off the second desk in my office.

I’ve been scrapbooking for hours with the music going. Random songs turned into a Weird Al marathon of songs I love but haven’t listen to in years. I messaged Brian to see if he would be home for dinner, the answer was no so I made myself a terrific dinner.

It took me forever to whip this up! I must say my culinary skills are impressive. I even went all out to get the takeout container to put it in as well.

After dinner I needed a change in music. I turned on Much Dance 1995 – which came out when I was still in elementary school and danced in the big open space in my office. After a few songs it just wasn’t cutting it for me and while scrolling through my music collection I came across my Mr. Holland’s Opus soundtrack. That got me thinking why did I not own this on DVD? It’s one of those movies that if you blinked you missed it back in 1995 however it found a special place in the people’s hearts that watched it. Richard Dreyfus plays a character who’s first love is music however when things become tight he finds himself teaching high school music. The plan was to only do it for a few years and before he knows it he’s been around the school for years. He feels as if he’s wasted away his life never accomplishing what he wanted to not realizing that he accomplished so much and touched so many people’s lives. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it. On that note I should hunt it down on DVD next time I am out and about.

As I sit here writing this my boys have been gone for over 6 hours. I wonder what trouble they are getting into. The house is too quiet without my music going. I kinda miss hearing Adam thumping on the floor and then him looking through the cat door and babbling because he knows I am down here.

Yes I miss my guys but this afternoon is exactly what I needed to unwind and take a deep breath. We’ve also made plans to have Brian’s parents come over on Monday because I thought I was so behind on these projects. I was told that if I was done it didn’t matter, they were still coming over so I could scrapbook or do whatever I want.

Double Score!

Who knows how much longer I have before I hear them come through the door. I better go make the most of it. An American Symphony from Mr Holland’s Opus just came on. Maybe I’ll go pretend I’m the conductor of the orchestra playing it.


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