Adam’s Hot Wheel Collection

Adam may be only 10 months old and have no idea what a Hot Wheel is however he has a collection that would make some kids jealous already.

My Mom will tell you that my favourite toy was my Hot Wheels Collection growing up. I do remember having quite the collection. I had the colour changing ones, the ones you could see through, old ones, new ones. I had a ton of them! I was the most popular girl in the neighbourhood when I was a kid with the guys because I had cars.

My Mom one day in Wal-Mart started Adam’s collection. Just picking up a few and a plastic container to store them in until he’s old enough to play with them. Her theory is that whenever he came over he could open a few to play with or one day just give him the entire bin. I’m sure if that happened he’d feel like he hit the jackpot. I also have started to pick up ones here and there to add to the collection. I don’t know how many are at my Mom’s house but I would guess at least 15 new cars.

I’ve started going to garage sales more this year in hunt of cheap books and toys. I have also expanded my looking to Hot Wheels and Legos. I really don’t think anyone parts with their Legos however I have started to hit the jackpot on people getting rid of their Hot Wheels.

A few weeks ago I posted this picture.

This was a case of Hot Wheels I picked up for $5. I think it has almost 30 cars in it as well as barricades, pylons and even a helicopter. I was so excited when I got home with it and it appeared that Adam was happy too.

This past weekend Auntie Robin and I went out to find some bargains and I hit the Holy Grail of car collectors. I had to refrain myself because I honestly would have bought every single car he had but I talked myself into only buying 25 cars. It cost me a whole $5. What killed me is these cars look like they have never been played with. That they have sat on the shelf their entire lives. The owner of them was so happy that I was buying them up with Adam there. I think he knew they were coming to a good home.

Yes I realize I purchased duplicates however we did that on purpose. This way Adam can trade, share or open his own car lot. I also dug out some other Hot Wheels I have had for years from the many Nascar races I went to in Michigan.

I don’t want Adam to grow up too fast however I can’t wait to sit and play with these cars with him. He has a total of 64 here in the house and possibly another 15 or more at my parents and he’s only 10 months old!

Can you imagine what his collection is going to look like when he’s old enough to play with them?


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